Vampire, The Archetype

The vampire myth has appeared over the centuries in almost every culture, beginning with the earliest recorded epic from Babylonia, about 2000 years B.C. Although there are cultural variations in the various legends, there is always one defining trait of a vampire: a vampire sucks blood. It consumes another to sustain it’s own life.


Blood stands for life, and blood is also the archetypal symbol of the soul (life energy) . Therefore blood is a central symbol in many religions, including the Christian. The central image of all vampire lore is blood.

The image of the vampire is dark. Like an insatiable void, vampires consume another person and suck away their life energy. The vampire story has been a prime carrier of horror, but a remarkable aspect of this horror is the vampire’s lack of violence, and except for some of Hollywood’s versions, commonly a lack of overt sex… (Click title for more)


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