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Book Review: Trauma by Gordon Turnbull

This book will be a very pleasant surprise for readers anticipating a dry textbook on psychological trauma. Instead Turnbull has written a wonderfully engaging account of his career as a psychiatrist in the Royal Air Force and private practice as … Continue reading

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Book Review: R.D. Laing: A Biography by John Clay

The structure and approach of John Clay’s biography is conservative: a well organised and fairly friendly account of R. D. Laing’s life and work. The chapters on Laing’s childhood give a stark account of the emotional abuse Laing suffered from his … Continue reading

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Small Study on Image Processing and BDD

Image Processing and its Role in BDD US News have a report here on a small study of  image processing in the maintenance of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a disorder characterised by morbid, distorted and obsessional thinking about aspects of our physical appearance. The study … Continue reading

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The Distress of OCD

The Dorset Echo provides an insight into the terrible distress of severe OCD Mr Shaun Nutman, a thirty-three year old family man, was driven to stab himself in the chest because of depression, anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His wife said disturbing thoughts attacked her husband’s mind … Continue reading

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